Vision & Mission

The core principles guiding all Namaste Wings to Fly initiatives are:

  1. to give neglected children the opportunities and facilities to develop healthily and in conditions of freedom and dignity;
  2. to uphold the rights of those children that find themselves in difficulties
  3. to ensure all measures and an enabling environment for survival, growth, development and protection of all our aided children, so that each child can realize his/her potential and grow up to be healthy and productive citizen.
  4. to create a protective background for our children at home, school, community and society, in order to protect them from any harm and/ or harmful situation;
  5. to act as a safety net for those children who are more vulnerable than others and need special care and protection;
  6. to spread awareness about child rights among various sections of society;
  7. to provide our aided children families with livelihood support to the end of strengthening them and avoid or reduce the likelihood of child neglect, abuse and vulnerability;
  8. to protect even those children that are not in adverse situations, but are nonetheless in need of being cared of, to ensure that they remain within the social security and protective net.

In order to achieve such goals our primary ambit of intervention is, of course, education. We mainly pursue such objective by means of:

  1. sponsorship – outside and Family House child care – a way of taking care of tender age children, starting from supporting their education fruition. By covering all scholar and food expenses, we ensure the suitable background for their school attending, studying activity and at the same time contribute to the creation of proper family conditions for the child healthy development;
  2. education, by means of our numerous tuition centres, scattered in all our six areas of interventions, where carefully selected teachers give their classes;
  3. income generation projects, aimed at creating employment and livelihood for all the families within our outreach.
  4. special helps, addressing those people in particular adverse circumstances (i.e. in need of medical care or special support, crucial to their well being).