UK students visit Namaste Wings to Fly

Some students from UK have visited our charitable society and  they spent some moments with our children.
They wrote these beautiful words.

Thank you so much for hosting us at Namaste last week. The students had a great time meeting and interacting with your children. I hope they really were able to learn something from each other!

The students wrote a blog about all the activities they did in Kerala (including our visit to you) which you can read here if you are interested:

“On Friday 16 March we visited the charity Namaste Wings to Fly whom we had been fundraising for before the trip. The charity has a number of different projects in progress and supports women and children from underprivileged backgrounds. One of the projects provides women with reusable and washable sanitary products.

Most of the children involved live in houses at the actual charity, all of them orphans or from abusive families. We were given a tour of one of the houses, which on average holds 20 children. They share bedrooms of about four and some of them even share beds. The children were so excited to see us, and were so happy and full of life. Some of us were given make overs and we played volleyball, football and cricket with them which everyone found great fun.

It was an amazing experience and all of us really enjoyed it. It was so great to see the money we had raised was being put to such good use.”

by Georgina Carter