Sustainable and healthy eating habits: good results from the “Kitchen Garden” organic farm project

The project Kitchen’s Garden was born with the purpose to offer the products and a method to grow vegetables also to the poor families, so that they can have organic food available by being respectful for the environment too.

The project, which started in 2018, has been successful, and still today Namaste is working hard to continue it. Today, almost 50 women could bring the materials like grow bags, manure, organic pest control, seeds and plants to create their own organic garden at home.

Besides getting the products and the materials, they could listen to the awareness class by the agriculture assistant of state Keishi Bhavan, in Vellanad, who gave advices to start and maintain their new organic garden.

At the end of the meeting, the women went home satisfied and ready to continue this project together with Namaste.

Namaste considers this project extremely important and for this reason it counts on an economic help to continue this successful project.

August 1st 2019