Nursery anniversary celebrations 2017

Nursery anniversary celebrations conducted on March 25th at Namaste compound with a view to celebrate all Nurseries together in one compound, to make a healthy unity by all the teachers and students of different Nurseries.  It was a type of a family get together, all enjoyed well. The kids, performed their talents and was super fantastic, energetic, funny, and very interesting. The kids and parents enjoyed well, even there are some problems faced in the beginning are the availability of space as the stage is in the upper part of the building, the teachers and students struggled to manage it. Yet  it was enjoyable.

The program inaugurated by a Cinema and Television comedy Artist, and he is a teacher too in an LP school. He showed some of his tips to laugh and gave good wishes to the parents and kids.

During the function ceremony on the stage there were the Namaste officials, the Block Panchayath President: Mrs. Ajitha Kumari ( She was the former  Teacher in Kovilvila Nursery) and also Mrs. Sindhu former Panchayath President and the former teacher  in Namaste. During the function we the teachers and students honored Namaste officials as respecting their good service in Namaste and its projects especially to the Nurseries.

Every one gave their good wishes to the kids got the certificates, medals, cash prize and trophies  for the Talent search examination conducted  and also gave the trophies and, coloring books to the sports winners and other competitions.