Namaste Wings to Fly ORGANIC FARMING

United Nations describes that access to safe as one of the basic human rights under its definition of the term Food Security.
In Kerala, as the vegetable and cereal production is going down, the access and affordability of safe and nutritious food for those families who are below poverty line are difficult. The low area of land possession makes it difficult to cultivate.

Namaste Wings to Fly is currently providing all essential support to two villages Kovilvila and Kezhapaloor, consisting of 100 number of households at each village to produce their own food. The limitation of adequate land for cultivation is solved through vertical farming techniques with the help of local government agriculture office. This will help the families to produce their own safe and organic vegetables along with reducing the cost of buying vegetables from the local market.

The activity also helps to ensure nutritious and safe food to children of these households, which is important for them to achieve development and growth. The food produced this way have zero carbon foot print associated with it, which is another advantage.