Thanks to the sponsorship of Comer Industries India, Namaste wings to fly started a home in the city of Bangalore for needy girls, so that they can be helped in their education path.

Namaste is a very strong reality in India; it develops programs and projects for the rights’ safeguard of children, teenagers, and very vulnerable women.

In Bangalore there are very few government colleges only and hostels also. Most colleges are in private sector and there hostel fees also not affordable for economic backward families.
In India, the University is a real opportunity for students to escape from the poverty of the city, in particular there is a very prestigious Atheneum focused on new technologies, but most of the faculties are private with very high fees.


For a girl coming from a poor family it can be extremely difficult to continue the studies at the university, above all if they are admitted in universities situated far from their homes.
The girls, even if they are young adults, cannot rent rooms with other girls of the same age, but they are forced by the family to live in hostels. If anything, the family interrupts the daughter’s education and start looking for a husband.
Namaste wings to fly is an NGO highly regarded in Tamil Nadu e Kerala areas which it been working for almost 20 years.
Help needy girls coming from poor families is an essential and primary mission for the NGO Namaste wings to fly.


Ten needy girls who have been admitted to a university course and coming from families whose earnings are below the poverty threshold.


Namaste wings to fly
Ward no. 14/483 Kolakkodu
P.O. 695 543 Vellanad Trivandrum – Kerala INDIA
Phone 04722883080