VIDYA SAHAYI: child sponsorship for education and other needs

…a close and stable relationship is built up between the donor and the sponsored child…

Vidya sahayi is opted   when parents of the children are there, but they do not have enough resources to meet their child’s nutritional, educational and health care needs. In such case children remain at home and Namaste provides financial, educational and counseling support.

Namaste identifies the neediest children and strives to find generous people  ready to help them. Sponsors normally provide financial support covering school fees, text books, tuition classes (unless provided by Namaste Wings to Fly itself) and allowances to the family of the child, ensuring food and medical expenses, if needed.

A close and stable relationship is built up between the donor and the sponsored child, through a regular flow of information between them, by means of regular correspondence and constant updating information about his/her health conditions, family situation and school performance. Sponsors are also used to shipping gifts directly  much welcomed by the children. Sponsor can vist the child and family , making the relationship much stronger and closer.

As of today, Namaste Wings to Fly is helping nearly 1100 children, regularly attending school.

Our social workers, residing in the area, is in charge of taking care that everything is going on smoothly and highlighting to the headquarters any circumstance, that might need direct and prompt intervention from Namaste Wings to Fly, as for example medical needs or additional supports to those families in particular deserving conditions. Among their major tasks there is constant reporting to the headquarters.