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Namaste Wings to Fly Headquarters in Vellanad

Namaste Wings to Fly is a non profitable, non religious and non political organisation registered under the Travancore Cochin Literacy Scientific and Charitable societies Act 1955 (Reg:No.T420/2000). The institution was started on 2000 as an alternative solution to orphanages. Started to help 20 children,  through the years the society has  grown, helping more and more deserving children and also old age people and women. Donors were captured by our vision and way of aiding the underprivileged, so becaming more numerous and ready to help us in helping the others.

Namaste Wings to Fly headquarters are based in Vellanad, a small village situated 25 km north-east of Thiruvananthapuram City, covered by rubber plantations and coconut forests. Vellanad Devi Temple, dedicated to Bhadrakali and Thanjaoor Ammaveedu are situated here. Vellanad is also the site of a renowned handicraft college and botanic research centre, Mitra Nikettan.

Tamil Nadu Multipurpose Building and Organization Headquarters

Namaste Wings to Fly can be reached by bus from Thiruvananthapuram and Central Bus Station and City Bus Station.


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