More than a decade interventions in the cause of the neediest and most neglected sections of society:

  1. to promote and ensure the physical, emotional and educational development of our aided children;
  2. to ensure basic amenities for the families of our supported children;
  3. to alleviate the sufferings of those in conditions of extreme destituition;
  4. to empower the neediest women through income generation projects;
  5. to promote a cooperative approach for solving community issues.

Children and women of India

… wings to fly towards a more dignified life…

Namaste Wings to Fly Headquarters in Vellanad

The name of the organization stems from our precise intention to create a protective environment for post-harm children or children more vulnerable than others because coming from underprivileged communities, mainly by means of high quality education, that in the future will turn into wings to fly towards a more dignified life.

Peoples home (Namaste Wings to Fly building Kolchal (Kanyakumari district)

Our projects are also focused on the social and economic empowerment of Indian women through training, employment and income generation activities with the ultimate objective of making all women economically independent and self-reliant.Our service areas are Trivandrum district Kerala and Kanyakumari district Tamilnadu.